’57 Chevy Custom Street Freak | Flemings Pumpkin Run | New Jersey Car Show

0:00 – Intro
3:01 – 1972 Jeep Custom Postal Truck
5:39 – 1957 Chevy Custom
8:13 – Homebuilt Racecar
10:41 – 1980 AMC Pacer DL
13:04 – 1962 Maserati 3500 GTI

Dennis travels to Egg Harbor Township, NJ for the one and only Flemings Pumpkin Run.

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  1. Craig Caggiano


    Met Dennis there, really great show and it was nice to talk with him…

    • UmmYeahOk


      We don’t know the history of this car. If he took a perfectly good Maserati and butchered it with customization, than yeah, I agree with the hate. But he mentioned this was the result of 20 years of restoration. For all we know, the engine was blown, and the car was left to rot in the elements for 30+ years. Sourcing a period correct Maserati engine may have unobtainable. Either due to cost, or limited sources. Limited production, 20 years would put this at 1997. eBay really wasn’t as useful in the hobby as it is today, and they might’ve not even had internet access. Hopefully they kept the block, but it’s also possible that they couldn’t find anyone willing to work on it. Remember, not everyone can do everything themselves. They may have tried to outsource labor, and local shops were too afraid of it.

      The paint/body, given this hypothetical scenario, means that it would need a respray. We don’t know if they tried to source the right color, or simply felt that whatever was original wasn’t to their liking, and chose something they preferred, knowing that it can always be repainted something else in the future, since the original paint was beyond saving.

      Instead of bashing the man and his father for butchering a classic, we might should be thanking him for resurrecting something which, by now, might’ve been too far gone to save. This car not only was saved from being a potential junker, decaying back into its original natural elements, but essentially built in such a way that when a future collector gets their hands on it, they have the ability to see to it that this gets as much concourse treatment as it deserves. A proper restorer would love to have this car, not whatever heap the potential basket case originally was when they got it in the 90s.

  2. Jason's Journeys


    4:17 For those times when the mail needs to get there fast! 7:11 That is awesome!

  3. spacecadetzack


    It takes a while to come around to this guy but his passion is amazing! I see myself in him, it’s for the love of the machine and this guy truly LOVES cars.

  4. Xion D


    what I love about Dennis is he is a oddball guy who shows odd cars. He looks like he loves this job as well.

  5. Clément Rodrigue


    Yé man, it’s really a beautiful edition that I just saw. 😃
    You certainly had a great day on this field — the contrary would surprise me.
    I really liked to be there for that day.
    Spending a day like this with a bunch of people Kool, that’s really living.
    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
        Congratulations on your video — It’s really great 👍
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
    I wonder where this land is located¿ 🌐
    Can you give me the coordinates?

    I would like to see this on Google Earth? 🌎
    This would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Christopher May


    some real odd ball stuff in this one….such creativity here….a few dreams….a saw….a welder….a small shed or car port….a ton of hours passion and love….out comes great builds and cool people….awesome….thanks for sharing Dennis….

  7. Robert Jacobs


    Saw the mail jeep at a car show this morning so I had to check out the video.

  8. Joe G_fdjcengine2


    I’m from Northern NJ and never heard about this place. Figured next time I take a trip to Atlantic City, I would stop by. I Googled it and it says its permanently closed! Seems sad

  9. D.A.L.


    I would love to check that place out. I’m a sucker for old junk yards anyway, so I would go there anytime

  10. Jake Browne


    My day used to hunt parts at Harrys back when he raced at Englishtown i remembered the name from stories he told

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