1957 Chevrolet Corvette | Falls Village Car Show | Small Town Connecticut

0:00 – Intro
2:52 – 1957 Chevrolet Corvette
5:22 – 1960 Valiant Wagon
8:11 – 1972 Ford Maverick "Sprint Edition"
10:52 – 1958 Willy's Jeep
13:14 – 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang

Dennis travels to Connecticut for the Falls Village Car Show.

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  1. Alan's moved south


    1960 Valiant wagon ” It has the slant 6 , Did you rebuild the engine ” ? no it didn’t need it “. good ole ole slant 6 MOPARS never die 🙂

    • Ineffable


      Those old MOPARS had great lines, starting in ’62 or ’63 the later models started looking like cheap knock off of GM and Fords, just few years behind. Even the nicer looking ones like Charger and Cuda, looked like a mid 60’s Chevelle and first gen Camaro built off a midsize chassis.

  2. John A


    Gorgeous ’57 Vette, my favorite year. Broke my heart when I found out I don’t fit in cockpit.

    • Michael Plater


      Remove rails, lower the seat and set to comfortable fixed position. If you want one bad enough, you make yourself fit.

    • SlickStretch


      I’m 6’6″ and this is sad to hear. It’s always been one of my favorite cars.

  3. Todd Wall


    I always love the mustache at the end. A great way to make sure I watch till the very end. LOL

  4. ChefGiovanni


    I love the look of that cool rat rod at 1:57 ! Any more info on it ? That blue Maverick at 8:50 is the bomb.

  5. D.j. B


    That Town looks Beautiful! The cars were awesome!! You really out did yourself!!!

  6. Garage Dweller


    Would love to have seen some footage on that first gen firebird in the garage.

  7. SNOOP U 2


    The 1958 jeep had a. Cool camping display I thought was cool we have a lot of that stuff still

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